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Anthropology/Sociology Major w/Anthropology Concentration

Anthropology/Sociology Major with Anthropology Concentration


Complete all Institutional Graduation Requirements (Including University Writing Requirement, Diversity Requirement, General Education Requirement, College Level Mathematics, etc.) as provided at http://www.eou.edu/registrar.

Program Requirements: Anthropology/Sociology with a concentration in Anthropology is a minimum of 65 credit hour degree. A grade of “C-” or better is required for each course counting towards the major, but a cumulative GPA of at least a 2.00 is required for completion of the major.

Course NumberCourse TitleCreditsPrerequisites
ANTH 201Introduction to Archaeology [SSC]5
ANTH 202Physical Anthropology [SSC]5
ANTH 203Cultural Anthropology [SSC]5
MATH and STAT Program Requirement
MATHComplete a college-level mathematics course at the 100-level or above with a grade of C- or better
STATComplete a college-level statistics course of at least 4 credits with a grade of C- or better
Course NumberCourse TitleCreditsPrerequisites
ANTH 356Language & Culture5ANTH 203 recommended
ANTH 454Anthropological History/Theory5ANTH 201, 202, 203 & 356
ANTH 499Senior Seminar1Senior standing

 Choose one of the following courses: 

Course NumberCourse TitleCreditsPrerequisites
ANTH 391Applied Ethnographic Research [UWR]5ANTH 203 & 356
ANTH 395Quantitative Methods in Social Sciences [UWR]5ANTH 201, 202 & 203

 Complete ANTH 401 & 403 OR ANTH 407 from the capstone courses listed below: 

Course NumberCourse TitleCreditsPrerequisites
ANTH 401Capstone I2
ANTH 403Capstone II [UWR]3
ANTH 407Thematic Capstone5

 Complete 9 additional upper division ANTH elective credits from the list below: 

Course NumberCourse TitleCreditsPrerequisites
ANTH 310Selected Topics1 to 6
ANTH 312Native People of North America [DPD,UWR]5
ANTH 315Anthropology thru Film3
ANTH 320Human Adaptation [SSC]2
ANTH 325Human Ecology3
ANTH 330Ethnology Hunters/Gatherers[SSC]2
ANTH 335Culture, Health & Illness [available in odd years]4
ANTH 338Topics: Cultures of the World5
ANTH 340Frauds/Myths/Mystery [SSC]2
ANTH 342Heritage and Museums [available in even years]5
ANTH 348Primate Conserv & Behavior [available in odd years]5
ANTH 350Primate Populations [SSC]2
ANTH 354Science & Pseudoscience In Anthropology5Strong writing skills recommended
ANTH 355Topics: Physical Anthropology5
ANTH 357Media, Self and Society [available in even years]5
ANTH 358Anthropology and Ethics [available in even years]5
ANTH 360World Prehistory5ANTH 203
ANTH 362Stone Tools:Flintknapping & Lithic [available in odd years]2
ANTH 365Animals Culture & Society5
ANTH 372Sex & Gender [available in odd years]5ANTH 203
ANTH 375Anthro of Food & Nutrition [UWR] [available in even years]5
ANTH 380Native Peoples Oregon [DPD,UWR]5
ANTH 391Applied Ethnographic Research [UWR]
ANTH 391 or 395 can be an elective if not already used in the program
5ANTH 203 & 356
ANTH 395Quantitative Methods in Social Sciences[UWR]5STAT 243 or equivalent introductory statistics course
ANTH 405Reading & Conference1 to 5
ANTH 407Seminar1 to 15
ANTH 410Selected Topics1 to 6
ANTH 412Women and Infants [available in even years]5
ANTH 430Medical Anthropology2
ANTH 436Human Variation [available in odd years]5ANTH 202
ANTH 446Historical Archaeology [available in even years]5ANTH 201

Select either SOC 204 or SOC 205 (only one is required, but both can be taken for sociology area if desired)

Course NumberCourse TitleCreditsPrerequisites
SOC 204General Sociology [DPD,SSC,UWR]5
SOC 205General Sociology:Problems [SSC]5

 Sociology electives needed to meet the 20 credit requirement for this section:

Course NumberCourse TitleCreditsPrerequisites
SOC 110Selected Topics1-6
SOC 210Selected Topics1-6
SOC 306Social Psychology [UWR]5
SOC 310Selected Topics1-6
SOC 315Social Welfare5
SOC 316Sociology of Poverty [DPD]3
SOC 317Child Neglect and Abuse5
SOC 318Sociology of Death and Dying5
SOC 327Intro to Social Research [UWR]5SOC 204 & 205
SOC 333Sociology of Disability [DPD]5SOC 204 or 205 recommended
SOC 334Work & Organizations [SSC]5College Level Writing
SOC 336Social Change & Social Justice [DPD]3
SOC 338Sociology of Families [DPD,UWR]5WR 121 or equivalent academic writing course
SOC 344Selling the News [SSC]2SOC 205 recommended
SOC 345Media/Politics/Prop [SSC]5SOC 205 recommended
SOC 360Gender & Power [DPD,SSC,UWR] [available in odd years]5WR 121 or equivalent academic writing course
SOC 365Communities [SSC]5
SOC 370Environment & Society [SSC]5
SOC 371Technology & Society [SSC]2
SOC 373Gender, Race & Crime [DPD]2
SOC 374Food & Society [SSC]2
SOC 375Sociology of Food [DPD,SSC]5
SOC 401Research1-5SOC 204 & 205
SOC 405Reading & Conference1-5SOC 204 & 205
SOC 407Seminar1-5
SOC 410Selected Topics1-6
SOC 411Problems in Society5
SOC 420Social Welfare Practices5SOC 204, 205, 315
SOC 423Community Service and Social Change [DPD]5SOC 204 or 205. SOC 336 recommended
SOC 445Inequality & Diversity [DPD] [available in even years]5SOC 204, ANTH 100, 203 or consent
SOC 454Sociological Theory [UWR]5SOC 204 & 205. 15 credits in SOC recommended
SOC 460Women in Poor Countries [UWR] [available in even years]5SOC 203. ANTH 100 or 203 are recommended

Total credits required for major: 65

Last update November 2016