EOU student studios. #goEOU #EOUart #theta360 – Spherical Image – RICOH THETA



The Art program at Eastern Oregon University is an exciting opportunity for any future artist.  Art students learn directly from lead faculty, and experience an academic atmosphere where they can know their professor.  Seniors are then offered their own 10′ by 10′ student space and the resources to succeed.  Check out this 2016 Spring Symposium submission by Erica Hitzman. It’s no wonder why some  EOU pieces are confused with graduate work.

You can learn more about this particular exhibit by clicking here.

The Spring Symposium is an opportunity for undergraduate students at Eastern Oregon to showcase and present their creative activities and accomplished studies to fellow students, faculty and the public. Students present on a variety of topics spanning the breadth of scholarly work undertaken on our campus.  The presentations are discipline-specific and range from artistic displays, panel presentations, poster sessions, talks, exhibits, and performance art. It is an excellent “presenting” opportunity for students, and a celebration of undergraduate achievement in research and creative activities.