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Inclement Weather Policy

Inclement Weather Policy

The procedure for notifying classified employees of curtailment or closure due to inclement weather is as follows:

Employees will normally be advised by radio of the University’s decision to curtail work activities, to delay the opening of the University, or to close the University. If a decision is made not to open prior to the beginning of the employee’s regular work schedule, notification will be given as early as possible prior to the beginning of such regular work schedule.

Generally, the University will open during inclement weather.

It is your responsibility to listen to the radio (KLBM 1450 AM, KCMB 104.7 FM, and KEOL 91.7 FM). This will be the vehicle we use to communicate with employees. This may be supplemented with telephone calls; however, you must still listen to the radio. You may also call the weather information line at 541-962-3844 or check the EOU web page at www.eou.edu for updates. If the University closes, do not come to work. Staff that provide essential services will be expected to report to work unless SPECIFICALLY notified to the contrary by their supervisors.

Following are the reporting procedures:

1. Should the University close after an employee has reported for work, the employee is not required to use accrued leave for the remainder of the shift. Such time should be reported on the “LWP” line on the Time and Attendance form, noting “inclement weather” in the remarks section of the form.(Note: Only the President or his designee (VP for Business & Finance, Provost, Dean of Student Success and Engagement) may close the University. Departments may not cease operations and send employees home with pay due to inclement weather unless the President has closed the University.)

2. When the University has not been officially closed, an employee who wishes to leave prior to the end of his/her shift must charge the time against accrued leave.

3. Should an employee leave as noted in number 2 above, and the University is subsequently closed by the President, the employee should only used accrued leave for the time between when he/she left and the University was closed (e.g., an employee leaves at 1:00 p.m. and the University is subsequently closed by the President at 3:00 p.m. The employee need only charge two hours against accrued leave.)

4. Employees who do not report for work on a day that the University opens but closes early, must use accrued leave for their entire shift.

5. Employees who are designated as providing essential services to the campus and who are required to work will be compensated at time and one-half.

6. Employees who are directed not to report for work are authorized the use of accrued vacation, compensatory time, personal leave or leave without pay to cover work time missed due to closure or work curtailment.

Please call Human Resources (541-962-3548) if you have questions concerning staff issues.

Please contact University Advancement (541-962-3740) if you have questions concerning news and information.

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