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Study Abroad offers a world of possibilities! With so many options to choose from, the information on this site is designed to help you explore which study abroad experience is right for you.

There is so much more to the program than just taking classes in a foreign country. You’ll develop a global perspective, your attitudes will become international and the memories  you’ll make will last a lifetime. Studying abroad may just be the defining moment that will change your life forever. The experience often builds a noticeable sense of independence  and self-confidence and opens doors to new opportunities, friends and career paths.

Emma Hubbard, Class of 2012

In my five years at Eastern Oregon University I have had the opportunity to travel through the study abroad office on two occasions.  The first was an academic year in Sevilla, Spain through Academic Programs International (API) and the second has my academic year spent with National Student Exchange (NSE) in San German, Puerto Rico that is just about to wrap up and send me back to Oregon.  One of these experiences would have been enough to change a great deal, but together I find they have given me a bigger world than I have ever lived in before, as well as a deeper grasp on a second language that I would have never gotten in just a classroom.  Study abroad offers a fantastic way to travel, supplementing an education and sometimes providing a graduation requirement (EOU modern language majors, that’s a shout out for you!) as well as a chance to meet a wide variety of people and add a little extra to the resume.  Living in another culture has been one of the most challenging, and most rewarding, things that I have ever done … and I can’t say that I mind a sunny winter spent a bike’s ride from a beach with a gecko living behind my fridge and a night time chorus of tropical bugs, birds and bamboo.