Eastern Oregon University

University Council Student Affairs Committee




Present: Chris Heidbrink, Emily Ice, Doug Briney, Melanie Noell, Christy Oliveri, Le Alexander, Camille Consolvo, & Patti Girrard


  1. Approval of December 2010 Minutes–Lack of quorum available to approve minutes. Tabled to next meeting.
  2. Old Business:Student Hearings Committee Training–Camille suggested Colleen will connect with members that need training to set up date for the Student Hearings Committee Training.
  3. New Business:Student Code of Conduct—Revisions.  Camille explained reasons for changes to the Student Code of Conduct. It was mentioned that the purpose of the revisions are to:
  • Make it more user friendly for students.
  • housekeeping issues for clarity,
  • current staffing and administrative unit changes,
  • DDE merging into university departments,
  • remove legal language and incorporate an educational language.

Stephen, Colleen & Camille have been reviewing Code of Conduct since the summer of 2010 with the changes mentioned above and have submitted this document for the committee to review.  A discussion took place regarding the Student Code of Conduct, pages 1-9 were reviewed as a group. Suggested revisions were discussed and will be considered for inclusion/removal. The Code of Conduct discussion will continue at the next meeting, starting on page 10. Camille requested that the committee review the document and come back with suggestions/revisions/questions/concerns

  1. Other Business
  • none
  • For the Good of the Order:
    • None

    Meeting adjourned at 4:00 p.m.

    Respectfully submitted by Patti Girrard.

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