Online Psychology Degree

Earning the Psychology Degree at a Distance

Course Sequences

Plan your Psychology degree program early in your undergraduate career.  The Psychology Program has been purposively designed to follow a course sequence model.  General Psychology (PSY 201 & PSY 202), Writing in  Psychology (PSY 222), and Introduction to Laboratory Methods (PSY 223) should be taken during your first year at EOU.  Writing in Psychology (PSY 222) should be completed either before or concurrently with your first 300-level psychology core knowledge elective course.  After the completion of Statistics & Experimental Design (STAT 327) and one other 300-level Psychology elective course, you should submit an Admit to Program form (listed under “Psychology Online”) for approval.  All 25 credits of 300-level Psychology electives should be completed before you take Methods/Labs in Experimental Psychology (PSY 440) in the Winter quarter of the academic year you plan to graduate. 

Program Requirements

1. EOU Distance students must be admitted to the Psychology Program. Program admission requires the successful completion (a grade of C- or higher) of the following courses: PSY 201, PSY 202, PSY 222, PSY 223, STAT 327, and one other 300 level psychology course offered by Eastern.

        Transfer courses from another college or university must be approved by a member of Eastern’s psychology faculty. This approval must be documented on your program admission form.

The program admission forms are available from the Advising website list (“Psychology Online”) and should be completed with your Distance Advisor.  Admit to Program forms should be submitted by the end of your Junior year.

2. All psychology students are required to take STAT 327, statistics. Upper division (300 or 400 level) statistics courses taken at another college or university may substitute for STAT 327. If you want a course to be considered a substitute, contact Dr. Ettinger at the EOU Psychology Department. This substitution must be documented on your program admission form.


3. All 400 level psychology courses have 300 level pre requisites.     These prerequisites must be completed before enrolling in a 400 level course and can not be taken concurrently.  If you have taken an upper division (300 level) course at another university that you believe meets the pre requisite for a 400 level course at Eastern you must receive this approval in writing (or email) from the 400 level course instructor before registration.


4. All of Eastern’s programs require the completion of University Writing Requirments (UWRs). UWRs are writing intensive courses. For psychology these are: PSY 222 (writing for psychology), PSY 441 (capstone course), and either PSY 335 (cognitive psychology) or PSY 370 (personality). The list of program UWRs changes, so ask in advance if other options are available.

The PSY 222 course should, if possible, be taken prior to the upper-division psychology courses.

5. The degree capstone course (PSY 441) has a pre requisite of PSY 440. Plan to take your capstone sequence during your final year for the Winter and Spring terms.  The Registrar’s Office will be provided with a list of students approved by the Psychology Department to take these courses.  To register for either PSY 440 or PSY 441, the student must 1) have Psychology Department approval, and 2) submit an electronic Add Form (available here) to the Registrar’s Office. The capstone course sequence cannot be taken until you have been admitted to program and have completed 25 credits of core 300-level electives for the psychology degree.

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