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Thank you for visiting this site dedicated to the budgeting and planning process at EOU. The goal is to provide information as it is available and allow for the basis of a thoughtful dialog about EOU’s resources and future. In June 2011 we initiated the first phase of our plan, “Positioning Eastern Oregon University for Mission Fulfillment and Financial Sustainability.” The intensive and inclusive process which lead to its development and adoption, allowed us to address in a proactive manner a serious financial and economic crisis for our University caused by the extremely poor economic conditions of our state. Over the past year, due to various continued systemic practices and procedures, we have fully realized that in order to maintain our financial viability we need to make a series of alterations and adjustments. The PowerPoint entitled “University Sustainability Plan Update: 4/11/13” located under News and Updates below, outlines some of the various conditions that led to this conclusion and the meeting initiated the process of updating the Sustainability Plan. The continuation of the Plan follows the principles established in the initial Sustainability Plan. On May 16, 2013 we released the Draft Recommendations of the continuation of the Sustainability Plan. This document is also viewable below. Also, a link is available to the audio file and PowerPoint from the May 16 University Hall meeting that provides an overview of the Draft Plan.  As stated in the Draft Plan & Update, the Provost, Deans and I received formal comments until June 7, 2013. With the conclusion of this comment period, we have been able to make any necessary changes and present the finalized version of the Update to the Sustainability Plan.  This document is viewable below and is contained in eight PDFs—the body of the plan and seven additional PDFs which are referred to in the body of the Plan. As we have discussed, the focus of this plan is two-fold:  1) meet short-term financial obligations, and 2) reach long-term fiscal viability and sustainability.  This plan achieves both of these objectives. Meeting these goals will require us, as a University, to operate differently on various fronts. In doing so, we will not sacrifice our core goals and values of serving students and protecting the academic environment that is a hallmark of EOU.  Equally important, it protects our ability to meet and serve community needs.  Moreover, this plan, while requiring all of us to endure some financial sacrifices, saves many jobs and academic programs.  This point should not go unnoticed. These are not easy times and the decisions are difficult. We have been, and will continue to be, guided by our mission and service to our students and the region. We must live within the fiscal realities of our University and focus on those areas that consistently allow us to fulfill our mission and commitment to our constituencies throughout Oregon. I sincerely appreciate your support and dedication to EOU. Our faculty, staff and students truly make this an exceptional and vibrant community. I look forward to receiving your comments.

Bob Davies President, Eastern Oregon University

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