The Public Administration major at Eastern Oregon University builds on the traditional strengths of the liberal arts, while providing the necessary management skills required for the responsibilities of the public sector. The program introduces students to the political, economic, and legal environments of a variety of public sector and nonprofit organizations. The Public Administration program stresses the analytical and problem-solving skills required of public administrators and the need to creatively apply appropriate data evaluation methods and techniques. The program will prepare students for careers in public and non-profit agencies, as well as graduate study in public and private administration.  The program is offered both on-campus and online.

“The Public Administration program at Eastern Oregon University has taught me the value of public service while providing me with the necessary skills to lead a public and non-profit organization. After taking my first public administration course as an elective, I knew that this was a program I wanted to be a part of.”
-Evan Bryan, PPE/Public Administration
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