Spanish Minor


1. A minimum of 30 grade hours in Spanish to be selected from the following list.

2. A minimum grade of “C-“ required for each course with an average GPA of 2.00 or more for all courses counting toward the minor.

3. A minimum of 10 hours counting toward the minor must be completed at Eastern.

4. At least two upper division courses in literature, culture, or film are required above the Language and Culture series (SPAN 321, 322, 323); course must be conducted in Spanish with the majority of reading and writing assignments in Spanish, and must be taken at Eastern or through an approved study abroad program.

5. Students having returned from a recognized study abroad program will have their transcript evaluated. Any appropriate course, taught in Spanish, on language, culture or literature will be counted toward the minor.

6. Oral Proficiency Exam passed at the Intermediate High level.

Download Checklist and Application for Recognition of Minor


Required lower division courses (12 credits):

SPAN 207 Second Year Spanish (4)
SPAN 208 Second Year Spanish (4)
SPAN 209 Second Year Spanish (4)

Required upper division courses; Choose a minimum of two of the following (8 credits):

SPAN 321 Language & Culture I (4)
SPAN 322 Language & Culture II (4)
SPAN 323 Language & Culture III (4)

Complete an additional 10 credits in electives (select from the following options which will be offered on a rotating basis):

SPAN 210 Selected Topics (1-6)
SPAN 310 Selected Topics (1-6)
SPAN 338 Culture and Civilization of Spain (4)
SPAN 339 Culture and Civilization of Latin America (4)
SPAN 344 Intro to Literature of Spain (4)
SPAN 345 Intro to Literature of Latin America (4)
SPAN 346 Hispanic Women Writers (4)
SPAN 350 Spanish History Through Film and Literature (4)
SPAN 351 Latin America through Film (4)
SPAN 353 Latin American Literature into Film (4)
SPAN 405 Reading and Conference (by arrangement, only)
SPAN 410 Selected Topics (1-6)
SPAN 420 Chicicano/a Mexican-American Literature (4)

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