Capstone Pre-reqs

Capstone Prerequisites

Students should begin planning their Liberal Studies Majors as soon as possible after admission to the institution.

LS students will be strongly encouraged to enroll in a prerequisite course for the disciplines listed below prior to beginning the LS Capstone. Students complete their program following the catalog under which they were admitted.


Program Specific Pre-Req Requirements
Anthropology/Sociology ANTH 401, SOC 405, NAT 405
Business BA 407 – Course by Arrangement
  1. Substitute ENGL/WR 401 Research (2: Fall) AND ENGL/WR 403 Capstone (2; Winter) for LS 401;        OR
  2. Complete the LS 401 Capstone (4; independent) under English/Writing supervision;                      OR
  3. Complete ENGL/WR 401 Research (2; Fall) in preparation for LS 401 Capstone (4; independent) under English/Writing supervision.

English/Writing faculty recommend option #1, if it fits the student’s schedule. Faculty also recommend LIB 327, if students can’t take ENGL 401.

History Hist 203
Psychology PSY 222 required and PSY 405 strongly recommended


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