Who are we?

Station Manager: Darren J. Starks

Born and raised in Los Angeles, California, Our station manager brings a fresh perspective and new ideas to the Eastern Oregon campus and Union Couny Community. He is currently a senior at Eastern Oregon University studying Media Arts & Communications, and also has worked 10 years within the media industry.  

Program Director: Casey Marino

Our Program Director is a hometown guy from wallowa. He comes from a ranching background but has exstensive expierience within the broadcast industry having worked four years within the Union county

Music Director: Jenifre Tarkus Kayøa-Bonäqeraj

Our current Music Director is Jenifre Kayøa. Being the walking almanac, historian, superhero, celebrity, music genious, Jeni is in charge of communicating with record labels, promotional firms, taking all the new music we have, reviewing it, categorizing it by musical genre, and filing them alphabetically in the station’s library so that they can easily be retrieved.

Community Liaison: Mark Masterson

Our Community Liaison is Mark Masterson (THE BEARDED ONE). He is in charge of communicating with the residents of  Union County and our station, He also has a vast knowledge of production skills, the grande ronde valley and wicked beard conditioning techniques.

Faculty Adviser: John Thurber

John Thurber is our Faculty Adviser. He is a reknowned professor of Mathematics at Eastern Oregon University & a integral part of our keol family.