Student Introduction to Technology Resources

Student Introduction to Technology Resources

First off, welcome to EOU! The EOU Information Technology Department wants to make your technology learning experience a excellent one and we’re here to help you with some different services!

Below are commonly asked questions that we receive from new students when they first enroll at EOU. There are also links to access EOU accounts and services. Please look for the section your question may fall under for answers. If your question is not answered here, or you need more information please contact the EOU IT Help Desk at (541) 962-3111 or submit a Technology Ticket.

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Miscellaneous Technology Questions

1.  What is a “Technology Ticket” and how do I submit one when I need IT assistance?

  • A Technology Ticket is a request for IT Services. This includes internet, software, hardware and telephone issues. If you have simple or difficult technology questions, suggestions or concerns, submit a Technology Ticket. No matter your skill level, if you have a IT related question, we’re here to help you. And if we can help you, we’ll direct you to somebody who can.
  • To submit a Technology Ticket, you can either fill out the online form by clicking this link or submit a e-mail to Remember that we cannot accept e-mail attachments so if you need to send us something, please indicate it in your request.
  • We do base all of our requests by their priority, placing emergencies first over routine request but we do our best to complete them as quickly as we receive them. If you have any further questions, please contact the EOU IT Help Desk at (541) 962-3111 or e-mail

2. My blackboard course is not showing up when I log into blackboard. Where is it?

  • Most of the time, the course just hasn’t been made available by the instructorThe first thing students should do is contact their instructor. Generally, courses aren’t available in Blackboard until the first day of class.When a student enrolls in a class, it can take up to 24 hours before they have access to that course in Blackboard. If a student registers for a class, then drops it, and then wants back into it, Shea will need to tweak Banner before they can see that course in Blackboard

3. I was never given a blackboard username or password, can you tell me what it is?

  • Your Blackboard username is the same as your E-Mail username ie, would have a user name of doej for Blackboard. Also, your default password in Blackboard is the same as your default E-Mail password, which is your birthday (listed as year, month, date) in the following format: YYMMDD. If you are still unable to log into Blackboard after trying this, we encourage you to use the ‘forgot password’ link on the Blackboard login page. As long as you can access your EOU email, you will receive instructions on how to update your Blackboard password.

4. Blackboard is showing me classes from past terms that I am no longer enrolled in. Is there any way I can remove them?

  • You can remove unwanted courses from the ‘my courses’ module in Blackboard by clicking on the small gear icon in the upper right corner of that module. That will take you to a page where you can deselect any classes you do not want to have appear on the main page. Once you’ve done that, click the submit button at the bottom and that should save those changes.

5. My blackboard password is not working, can you change it for me?

  • If you have lost your Blackboard password and you can access your EOU Email, reset it by following this link:
  • If you cannot access your EOU Email for the Blackboard password reset function,  please contact the help desk at 541-962-3111 with your EOU student ID number and your date of birth and we will reset the password for you.
  •  Please be aware, the default Blackboard password for all students is your birthday in the following format: YYMMDD (for example February 15, 1984 would be 840215).

6. I just got kicked out of my Blackboard exam/test before I had a chance to finish it. Can you let me back in?

  • The resetting of online exams is done entirely at the discretion of the course instructor; help desk cannot reset an exam for you. However, we are glad to communicate with your course instructor in situations where a Blackboard server outage disrupted your test or assignment submission.
  • Please be aware that the EOU Blackboard server is shut down daily in the early morning hours. We do not recommend taking exams between midnight and 5 A.M.

7. My professor has posted a video that I am supposed to view, but I am unable to do so. Can you help me figure out how to play it?

  • Unfortunately, this is a situation you would need to contact your instructor to help resolve.

8. Where can I find out my EOU e-mail username and password?

Please go to for information related to the EOU e-mail and password.

9.  Can I log into my EOU E-Mail account from the regular Gmail page? (

  • Yes you can as long as you enter your entire e-mail address into the username text field. If you are logging in from the page, you will NOT add the to the end of your username.

10. What is Webster?

  • Webster is where students go to register for classes, look at grades, and see personal information.

11. What information do I need to log in to Webster?

  • To log in to Webster, you will need your 9 digit student ID number (starts with 910…) and you will also need your pin number, which defaults to your birthday in the format of YYMMDD.

12. I need to make a long distance call from my dorm phone, how do I do this?

  • To dial a long distance number from campus you will need a calling card, or a long distance authorization code that can be obtained from the Student Accounts office. To get a price, contact the Student Accounts office at 541-962-3590.
  • Once a code is obtained, you want to press 9, 1, and then the number you are wanting to call. You will here a couple of beeps, after those beeps you need to enter the long distance code you were given, followed by the # button.

13. The internet in my dorm room is not working, what do I do?

  • First, please try restarting your computer. Then try disconnecting the cable from the wall jack. Also try both jacks. In most cases the data jack is the higher or even numbered jack in your room.

14. I am experiencing some lag issues with the internet when I try to use my Xbox. Is there a problem with the connection?

  • There can be issues from time to time based on the amount of traffic the Dorm Network gets daily. If you do come across this issue again, please recording some information to help us nail down the specific issue. Please note the following:
  • The time (please be as exact as possible)
  • The specific site (or sites) that you’re trying to access, noting the page load time.
  • If you don’t mind sharing the URL, please note that. (for instance, the Youtube  video link, etc)
  • Try accessing and and note how fast they load.
  • Try going to and click “begin test”. when the test is finished, click “copy direct link” and paste it into your response below.

15. How do I locate EOU Staff & Faculty for a phone number or a e-mail address?

  • Please click this link and enter in their information to search for a phone number or a e-mail address.

16. Is there a free or open-source software available that works like Microsoft Office available that I can download and install on my personal computer?

  • Yes, you can download Open Office for free. You can save the documents as a .doc file and they can be opened with Microsoft Word. The same applies for spreadsheets and databases. You can also use Google Apps ( free – it’s included with your EOU email account.

17. I cannot connect to the EOU wireless, what should I do?

  • First, check to see if you can get a signal. Currently the wireless coverage doesn’t cover the entire EOU campus but we are working to change that in the near future. If you can see the signal (“EOU” is the wireless network name), try connecting to it. It currently doesn’t require a username or password so you should be able to connect to it without any issues. If you’re still having issues, contact the EOU IT Help desk at (541) 962-3111 or submit a Technology Ticket.


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For more information, contact the EOU IT Help Desk at (541) 962-3111 or submit a Technology Ticket.


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