Rebecca Hartman

Associate Professor of History


Ph.D.,  Rutgers University (2004)

B.A., American University (1992)


Teaching Schedule:


Fall 2012:

HIST 202: U.S. History since 1865 (on campus)

HIST 203: Historical Methods (online)

HIST 314: The Great Depression (online)

HIST 330: U.S. Women’s History (on campus)


Winter 2013:

HIST 201: US History to 1865 (on campus, DPD)

HIST 458: US Civil War & Reconstruction (on campus)

HIST 462: History of Sexuality (on line, UWR)


Spring 2013:

HIST 202: US History from 1865 (on campus, GenEd SSC, DPD)

HIST 230: Women & Gender in Modern Europe (on line, GenEd AEH)

HIST 319: US History through Film (on line)

HIST 352: The Sixties (on campus)