EOU Geology

Phi Beta Rock, the EOU Geology Club, in Hawaii (2008)


The EOU Geology program offers  introductory geology courses for student wishing to fulfill general education requirements.  We also offer courses that introduce students to the basics of Geographic Information Systems.  Our Weekend College courses include courses that focus on earthquakes and volcanoes, gold mining, geoforensics, and the geology of Oregon.

Eastern Oregon University is located in the La Grande Basin, a graben in the Blue Mountains of Eastern Oregon. Our area has been referred to as “a geological wrecking yard” of 240-200 million year old tropical volcanic island arcs, 150-100 million year old granitic batholiths, 40-20 million year old andesitic and rhyolitic volcanics, and 16-2 million year old Columbia River flood basalts and Powder River volcanics, all deformed by block faulting and carved by Pleistocene glaciers. We’re close to the Wallowa and Elkhorn Mountains, Hells Canyon, the John Day Fossil Beds, the Owyhee volcanic area and a lot of other spectacular geologic sites.