Creating Personal Responsibility Program (CPRP)/Early Alert Program


 The purpose of the CPRP/Early Alert program is to provide early intervention with any student who may need assistance to succeed at EOU. Having a user-friendly centralized system of which the campus is aware may increase the likelihood that students seek the assistance/support/intervention needed. This system does not replace faculty, instructors, advisers, or anyone else from continuing to do what they already do to assist and support students. Early alert is useful if there is an issue or problem that the faculty/staff member is unable to solve by themselves, or if they are unable to get in touch with the student. A classic example is the student who just stops coming to class, or misses several classes and makes appointments to meet with their professor and then doesn’t show up.

Who is it for?

Early alert is for all students at any point during the term.

When to file an early alert vs. contacting others:

The early alert program is not intended for students with conduct issues or for major issues that need immediate attention. For example, if a faculty member has a student acting out in class, continually being disrespectful, and/or calling another student names/verbally harassing them, that would be a conduct issue that should be referred to the Vice President for Student Affairs or the Director of Student Relations. If someone interacts with a student whom they believe to be suicidal, or who is experiencing emotional concerns, that would involve a referral to and/or consultation with Counseling Center staff.

If you need to file an early alert, please click on this link: Creating Personal Responsibility Program (CPRP)/Early Alert Form

If you have questions, please contact the Student Success Coordinator, Kathleen Brown, at 541-962-3142.  You can also email at