Awards and Funding Limits

  • FDFC will typically not award more than $2000 to any faculty member during an academic year (July 1-June 30). Exceptions may be made when there is a fund balance at the end of the year.
  • FDFC will attempt to distribute funds to as many faculty as possible each year. Second and third requests from faculty may be held back until late in the year to ensure this.  If you submit requests for more than one activity, be sure to indicate which is your highest priority so it will be considered first. As well, results from prior professional travel will be taken into consideration.  For example, if you have received awards for several years and regularly publish your presented work you will receive a higher funding priority than those who do not publish work that was presented at previous meetings or shows. To assist the committee submit a list of recent publications along with your request.
  • Often scholarship activities are collaborative efforts between faculty or between faculty and students.  Because of limited funds, FDFC may restrict awards to one presenter when “joint” presentations are made rather than to all of the collaborators on a project. Exceptions to this may be when a student will be the presenter of faculty-student collaborations. FDFC recognizes the importance of mentoring students who have earned an opportunity to present original work at a conference or show.