Funded Activity

Note 1: If you are listed above as “Funded” your travel was approved for reimbursement. If you are listed as “Pending” contact FDFC. If you submit more than one request during the fiscal year we will hold the second request until later in the year to ensure distribution of available funds to as many faculty as possible. If you do not prioritize second requests we will assume the earliest is the highest priority. The maximum allocation for the fiscal year will be $2000.00.

Note 2: “Funded’ in the Status column means that your request has been funded and forwarded to the Provost’s office for action.   A “Pending” in the Status column means that your request is pending or we are waiting for additional information from you.  Typically this is a letter indicating a paper has been accepted or if “attending” there are sufficient funds at the end of the fiscal year. Contact FDFC if you have any questions about the status of your request.  Contact Angie Adams in the Provost’s office for an account number for travel reimbursement.

Note 3: * means you may have reached the FDFC funding limit for this year. Contact FDFC.

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