FDFC request

Submitting a FDFC Request

  • Submit your request well before you plan to travel. There is no guarantee that a request submitted after travel will be funded.
  • Travel reimbursement requests may be submitted at any time during the academic year. Please use the Request for Professional Travel forms downloadable from this site or available from your area office. Completed forms should first be submitted to the Dean of your college who will sign the request and forward to the FDFC Chair. FDFC provides travel reimbursement, not travel advances.
  • If you are presenting original research or scholarship, describe what you’ve done.  If your presentation has been accepted, attach a copy of the acceptance letter.  If acceptance is pending you may still request travel funds, but we will hold them until we receive notice of acceptance.
  • FDFC funds the cost of travel (airfare + ground to PDX or BOI).  For mileage amounts, use 518 mi X .51 for PDX ($264.18) and 350 mi X .55 for BOI ($178.50).  Rental car, parking, and taxi expenses will not be reimbursed.  You should purchase airline tickets early to take advantage of discounts (e.g., see www.travelocity.com or expedia.com) for estimates.
  • Per Diem for meals and lodging should be calculated according to the rates adopted by OUS. The current meal rate is $52.00 per day. The lodging rate is up to $108.00 per night. Receipts for lodging will be required for reimbursement.
  • If registration fees apply, indicate the amount. You will need a receipt for reimbursement.
  • The amounts entered on your form may be best estimates available at the time of request. The amount awarded will be determined by FDFC and forwarded to your area secretary for reimbursement. After your travel, complete a Travel Reimbursement Request form and submit it to your area secretary for approval.  Complete forms take about a week to get processed in the budget office.

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