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Transfer Award Matrix

Transfer Scholarships

Transfer scholarship applications are open to new in-coming transfer students to Eastern Oregon University prior to their first term of attendance.  Award criteria are based on transfer GPA and financial need as determine by the FAFSA.  Students can apply throughout the academic year with the following deadlines:

  • Fall Term: September 1st or until funds are fully allocated
  • Winter Term: December 1st or until funds are fully allocated
  • Spring Term: March 1st or until funds are fully allocated

Undergraduate students taking classes on campus, online and onsite through EOU’s regional centers across the state are eligible. Award amounts will vary based on grade point average, financial need and full or part-time status.

  • The maximum amount for merit-based scholarship is $1,500 per academic year, awarded over three terms.
  • The maximum for need-based scholarship is $600 per academic year,  awarded over three terms.

Merit Based Transfer Awards:

Full Time Awards
Part-Time Awards
3.0 – 3.25
3.0 – 3.25
3.26 – 3.5
3.26 – 3.5
3.51 – 3.75
3.51 – 3.75
3.76 – 4.0
3.76 – 4.0

Need Based Transfer Awards:

2.25+ Incoming Transfer GPA
Full Time $600



Need based funds will be awarded to students that have an EFC (Estimated Family Contribution) as defined by the FAFSA between $0-$8,000.  Students must file their FAFSA by March 1st to be considered for priority awarding.

Scholarship Renewals

To maintain eligibility for scholarships to be renewed for the second year, full-time students must complete 45 credit hours of EOU coursework per year and part-time students must complete 20 credit hours of EOU coursework. Also, students must maintain a cumulative GPA of 2.5 per term.

*Please note consortium or dual enrolled students will only receive credit toward their scholarship for the credits they are taking at Eastern Oregon University.  Student’s must be at least half time at EOU to receive transfer awards.*

Transfer Scholarship Application

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IMPORTANT: Your financial aid from all sources cannot exceed the cost of attendance established by the University. If you receive a scholarship, whether it is from the college or from a private source, you should notify the Financial Aid Office. We are required to review your aid package to make sure that you are not receiving more aid than your total cost of attendance. In many cases we are able to include your scholarship or grant without adjusting any of your other aid, increasing the total amount of your aid package. Sometimes we have to reduce or replace another form of aid. In that case, we always attempt to reduce or replace any loans that you might have been offered first. We strongly encourage you to explore all scholarship opportunities as valuable means to help finance your college education.

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