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Professional Learning Communities

Professional Learning Communities (PLCs)

Eastern Promise Professional Learning Communities (PLCs) are designed to foster the development of opportunities for early college credit. Over the past few months, CORE PLC groups have met to create proficiency assessments in math, biology, writing and speech. These CORE groups have developed training sessions to be delivered in October. Schools and teachers wishing to participate in offering a credit by proficiency opportunity during the 2014-15 school year MUST attend the appropriate training session. Participants will receive credit(s) for completion of the training session and can register for the credit on the day of the event.


Beginning with winter term PLC meetings, members may choose to receive the graduate credit as in the past, or they may choose to receive a stipend equal to the cost of the credit ($286.75). This is in addition to travel and sub reimbursements and applies to all PLC meetings in the future. Also, there is some misunderstanding regarding PLC stipends for the annual assessment meeting. PLC’s are required to have at least one assessment meeting each year. For the work associated with the assessment both at the meeting and outside of that time, each K-12 PLC member receives $500. If necessary, a PLC group can conduct a second assessment meeting and K-12 participants would receive $500.

Upcoming 2014 PLC dates:  For all new and continuing participants

  • Academic Momentum: Late August – Specific dates will be announced later.
  • Biology:  June 17 – at EOU – Shaun Cain  scain2@eou.ed
  • Held in Badgley Hall Biology Lab

  • Chemistry: June 16 – at EOU – Jeremy Riggle  jriggle@eou.edu
  • Held in Badgley Hall Chemistry Lab

  • Communication: Westside, June 16 – at BMCC – Cheri Kendrick ckendrick@bluecc.edu
  • Communication: Eastside, May 2 – at EOU – April Curtis  acurtis@eou.edu
  • Computer Science: TBA – Gary Parker  gparker@bluecc.edu 
    The course syllabus is available at math.bluecc.edu/cs120-eop  through the drop down menu at the top.
  • Health: June 9 – at EOU – Kelly Rice  krice@eou.edu
  • HOKE Rm 301

  • History: April 11 – at TVCC and broadcast to the IMESD
  • Math: June 6 at EOU – John Thurber  jthurber@eou.edu
  • HOKE Rm 301

  • Spanish: June 20 – location TBA – Jill Gibian  jgibian@eou.edu
  • Success 101: June 16 – at EOU – Dan Mielke  dmielke@eou.edu
  • Zabel Hall Rm 109 – 110

  • Writing: June 16-17 – at EOU – Nancy Knowles  nknowles@eou.edu
  • Zabel Hall 107

For questions and to RSVP contact Laurie Powell at 541.962.3941 or email ep@eou.edu.

Visit www.eou.edu/visitor for driving directions and campus maps. Free parking is available at Community Stadium. Parking passes are required in all other campus lots. Email ep@eou.edu if you require a pass.

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