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Information for HighSchool Administrators/Counselors

Eastern Oregon University is committed to providing early college learning opportunities for high school students.


The registration process for courses has changed. Students will need to fill out paper registration forms and submit all paperwork to the Eastern Promise Representative, in lieu of registering online through Webster to ensure the High School Initiatives tuition discount is received .  At this time, Webster does not have the capability to identify high school students automatically.

Students are instructed to contact their high school counselor or principal to send verification to Eastern Oregon University that they are enrolled in order to receive the High School Initiatives tuition discount.

It is imperative that a delegate from the high school contact the Eastern Promise Representative at Eastern Oregon University to ensure the correct billing rate. Please contact Eastern Promise with any questions. Also, keep in mind that we are trying to enhance the registration process, increase accessibility, and decrease any delays.


How to Verify High School Enrollment

Send an email from your school designated account to the Eastern Promise/High School Initiatives Representative with the following information:

1.  Full Name of Student

2.  EOU ID Number (this can be attained from the student, the student should log into Webster, click “Personal Information:, then “What is MY ID Number?”. EOU ID numbers begin with 910XXXXXX.)

Eastern Promise/High School Initiatives

Laurie Powell
Zabel Hall, Room 119
La Grande, Oregon 97850
Phone:  541.962.3941
Fax:  541.962.3701
E-mail: ep@eou.edu


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