2011-2012 Colloquium Archives

October 13 - Jay Van Tassell, “Ice Age Fossils from the Airport Lane Site, La Grande, NE Oregon

October 27 - Tawnya Lubbes & Scott Smith, “Feeling Techie? Using Instructional Technology in the Classroom

November 10 - Marian Mustoe, “Lager, Labels and the 44th Parallel

January 12 - Rory Becker, “Seeing Beneath the Soil: The Use of Non-invasive Remote Sensing Techniques in Archaeology

January 26 - Jeff Dense, “Civic Engagement and Distance Education

February 9 - John Knudson-Martin & Shari Carpenter, “Motivation: “It’s not that they can’t do it, it’s that they don’t wish to!”

February 23 - Jeremy Riggle, “Environmental Chemistry: From Humic Acids to Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons

April 12 - Meg Cooke, “Video Games and Cognitive Rehabilitation? Madness and Teaching in the 21st Century

April 26 -Ted Takamura & Lee Sellers, ”Student Learning Across Disciplines Using Both Sides of the Brain

May 10 - Colby Heideman, “Novel Chemical Routes to Nanostructured Thin Film Compounds

2010-2011 Colloquium Archives

October 14 - Regina Braker, “Expanding EOU’s Weltanschuung through International Exchanges: Summer 2010 in Germany

October 28 - Darren Dutto, “Childhood Redux: Maintaining Balance and Mobility as We Age

November 11 - Dani Weber, “‘The Gloves Are Coming Off Gentlemen’: Toward a Critical Discourse Analysis of the Bush Administration’s Torture Memos

January 13 - David Drexler, “Plug In to Your Library

January 27 -Ryan Dearinger, “Immigrant Labor, American Progress: Constructing and Celebrating Canals, Railroads, and Manhood in the Nineteenth-Century West

February 10 - Michael Sell, “The Fictional Meme: The Art of Michael Sell

February 24 - Jeff Johnson,”Religion as a Natural Kind: The Biological and Semantic Search for a Definition

April 14 - Sharon Porter, “Got Ukulele? Using the Ukulele as a Teaching Tool in Music Education

April 28 - Susan Whitelock, “Lost in Translation: Approaches to the Challenges of Cross Cultural Teaching and Learning

May 12 - Karyn Gomez and LeeAnn McNerney, “Raising Awareness of Diversity in Children’s Picture Books: A Content Analysis of 21st Century Caldecott Winners and Honor Books

May 26 - Karen Clay and Ken Watson, “Teaching Online with Streaming Media: Why Can’t We Do More of This at EOU?

2009-2010 Colloquium Archives

October 8, Marian Mustoe, “Point of Purchase Perceptions: Selling Products With Place

October 22 , Kari Day, “Teaching in a Nonviolent Environment

November 12, Mark Shadle, “In the Nomad’s Wake: Teaching My Way Around the World by Invitation and Trespass for Semester at Sea

January 14, Mike Heather, “The Play is the Thing: The Plays that Theatre Educators use to Teach Design

January 28, Jeff Woodford, “Computational Chemistry for National Defense, Renewable Energy, and Advanced Materials

February 11, Kenn Wheeler, “My Dad Has a Barn, Let’s Put On a Show! The Nuts and Bolts of Starting a Summer Theatre Program

February 25, Karyn Gomez and Allen Evans , “I Think I Can; I Know I Can. Transitioning from Student to Teacher

April 8, Donald Wolff, “The Mysteries of Poetic Inquiry: The Recondite Processes of Poetry Composition Revealed for All!

April 22, Jan Dinsmore and Kerri Wenger, “Collaboration Across Counties: Supporting Rural Teachers

May 13, Peter Maille, “Paying Farmers for Clean Water: A Market Approach to Water Quality

May 27, Brian Sather and Darren Dutto, “Effect of Seat Height on Cycling Efficiency

2008-2009 Colloquium Schedule

October 9, Kerry Loewen, ”Hunting: Representing the Gun Culture of the American West

October 23, Jay Van Tassell, ”Digging Fossils at the Always Welcome Inn

October 30, David Komito and Jeff Johnson, ”Elluminate for Web Conferencing

November 13, Jessica Plattner, “Maternal Instincts: Portraits of Women in Oregon and Mexico

January 8, Ken Bush, “Starting from Scratch: How to Produce and Direct an Off Off Broadway Show

January 22, Barbara Schulz, ”Travelling to Machu Picchu: Pre-Colombian Cultures in Peru Report on NEH Summer Institute, Summer 2008

February 12, Gerry Ramey, “The King and the Parasite: Namibia, My Last Fulbright

February 26, Karyn Gomez, “Motivation at the Middle School Level

March 12, Lee Sellers and Ted Takamura, “Utilization of Students’ Narratives in Assessing Developmental Levels of Learning: Results of 3 Years of Observation

April 9, Matt Cooper, Jill Gibian and Sharon Porter, “Seeing Buenos Aires through the Lens of Tango: Two Weeks at the Academia Nacional de Tango

April 23, Linda Jerofke, “What’s For Dinner Tonight?

May 14, Jeff Dense, “Whither State Lotteries?

May 28, Zachary Walter, “Essays on the End of the World: Creative & Philosophical Inquiry into Apocalyptic Preoccupation