2009-2010 Archive

2009-2010 Colloquium Schedule

October 8, Marian Mustoe,

Point of Purchase Perceptions: Selling Products With Place

October 22 , Kari Day,

Teaching in a Nonviolent Environment

November 12, Mark Shadle,

In the Nomad’s Wake: Teaching My Way Around the World by Invitation and Trespass for Semester at Sea

January 14, Mike Heather,

The Play is the Thing: The Plays that Theatre Educators use to Teach Design

January 28, Jeff Woodford,

Computational Chemistry for National Defense, Renewable Energy, and Advanced Materials

February 11, Kenn Wheeler,

My Dad Has a Barn, Let’s Put On a Show! The Nuts and Bolts of Starting a Summer Theatre Program

February 25, Karyn Gomez and Allen Evans ,

I Think I Can; I Know I Can. Transitioning from Student to Teacher


April 8, Donald Wolff,

The Mysteries of Poetic Inquiry: The Recondite Processes of Poetry Composition Revealed for All!


April 22, Jan Dinsmore and Kerri Wenger,

Collaboration Across Counties: Supporting Rural Teachers


May 13, Peter Maille,

Paying Farmers for Clean Water: A Market Approach to Water Quality


May 27, Brian Sather and Darren Dutto,

Effect of Seat Height on Cycling Efficiency

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