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College of Education Faculty and Staff

College of Education Faculty and Staff Directory


Name Title Phone Location E-Mail
Alexander-Shea, Aimee Faculty 503.491.7248 Gresham aalexand@eou.edu
Baird, Lori Administrative Support 541.962.3668 ZH-255 lbaird@eou.edu
Brown, Ray Faculty 541.962.3513 ZH-228 rbrown@eou.edu
Bushakra, Frank Faculty 541.962.3380 ZH-229 fbushakr@eou.edu
Caldwell, Megan CUESTE Administrative Support 541.962.3411 ZH-255 mcaldwell@eou.edu
Counsell, Meghan PHYSH/Bus Advisor 541.962.3275 ZH-217 mcounsel@eou.edu
Dinsmore, Jan Education Faculty 541.889.6222 Ontario jdinsmor@eou.edu
Doering, Myranda Placement Coordinator MHCC 503.491.7427 Gresham mdoering@eou.edu
Dutto, Darren Chair, Physical Activity and Health 541.962.3220 ZH-102C ddutto@eou.edu
Evans, Allen Faculty 541.962.3274 ZH-231 aevans@eou.edu
Farrell, Teresa Faculty 541.962.3412 ZH-230 tfarrell@eou.edu
Fields, Mary Faculty 541.888.7496 Coos Bay mfields@eou.edu
Frye, Janet Administrative Support MAT/MS Graduate Admission 541.962.3772 ZH-255 jfrye@eou.edu
Gomez, Karyn Associate Dean 541.962.3312 ZH-240 kgomez@eou.edu
Heath, Zachary Faculty 541.962.3772 N/A zheath@eou.edu
Herby, Lilly CUESTE Administrative Support-TVCC 541.889.8333 Ontario lherby@eou.edu
Johnson, Kristin MAT & MS Advisor/Recruiter 541.962.3529 ZH-227 kristin.johnson@eou.edu
Knudson-Martin, John Faculty 541.962.3521 ZH-237 jknudson@eou.edu
Lambert, Allison Administrative Support 541.262.3644 ZH-255 alambert@eou.edu
Lubbes, Tawnya Faculty 541.962.3329 ZH-236 tlubbes@eou.edu
McGilvray, Candy Field Services and Database Coordinator 541.962.3338 ZH-225 mcgilvr@eou.edu
Monroe, Brandon Faculty 503.491.7445 Gresham bmonroe@eou.edu
Munck, Miriam Faculty 541.278.5805 Pendleton mmunck@eou.edu
Nabielski, Risa Faculty 503.491.7398 Gresham rnabielski@eou.edu
Newman, Rae Ette Faculty 541.962.3428 ZH-232 rnewman@eou.edu
O’Connor, Michael Faculty 541.962.3537 ZH-235 moconnor@eou.edu
Purnell, Heidi Pre-Advising CUESTE – TVCC 541.889.8333 Ontario hpurnell@eou.edu
Rainboth, Donna Faculty 541.962.3720 ZH-235 drainbot@eou.edu
Rice, Kelly Faculty 541.962.3413 ZH-102A krice@eou.edu
Sather, Brian Faculty 541.962.3501 ZH-102B bsather@eou.edu
Smith, Scott Faculty 541.278.5836 Pendleton scott.smith@eou.edu
Stanhope, Heather Education Advisor – Teacher / Licensure Coordinator-Officer 541.962.3623 ZH-226 hstanhop@eou.edu
Tweedale, Matt CUESTE Pre-Advisor – MHCC 503.491.7685 Gresham ltweedale@eou.edu
Upshaw, Beth College Operations Manager 541.962.3816 ZH-255B bupshaw@eou.edu
Wenger, Kerri Faculty 541.889.8333 Ontario kwenger@eou.edu
Webster, Margie CUESTE Support – MHCC 503.491.7332 Gresham mwebster@eou.edu
Villagomez, Amanda Faculty 541.962.3950 ZH-233 avillago@eou.edu

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