Google Apps

Google Apps

Detailed tutorials for Google Apps are available here.


Prior to web-based email solutions like Gmail, all email was downloaded from a POP (Post Office Protocol) server to your local machine, much like a parcel would be delivered to your house. While this required a lot of space on the recipient’s hard drive, the greatest drawback was once you received an email to your home computer, you were unable to receive it anywhere else.

Web-based email (i.e. Gmail) allows you to view your email from any computer that is connected to the Internet. Additionally, all of your gmail is stored on a server where it’s secure and routinely backed up.


Your EOU Gmail account also provides you with a handy calendar feature. Google Calendar allows you to quickly make appointments, invite other attendees, and accept invitations to others’ appointments via email. If accepted, that appointment will automatically be added to your Google Calendar.

Google Calendar is also compatible with most IOS and Droid based smart-phones so you never have to be without your planner.

Google Docs

In the same way Gmail allows you to see your email from any computer with an Internet connection, Google Docs allows you to do the same with your documents and spreadsheets. Think of it like an online version of Microsoft Office.

Google Docs may not have all the functionality of Microsoft Office, but it does allow you to easily share your work with others and collaborate in real-time on the same document. Also, making a Google Doc visible to anybody on the Internet is a very simple process.

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