Academic Suspension Process

Academic Suspension

Students who have an EOU term and cumulative GPA below 2.000 while on Academic Probation will be placed on Academic Suspension. Suspended (and, hence, “former”) students are denied all student privileges including, but not limited to, registration, class attendance, financial aid and residence in EOU housing. Students who petition for reinstatement should meet with an adviser and attend classes until their case is resolved with the Academic Standards Committee. There are exceptions for Summer Session registration, see Summer Session, Academic Standards Procedures.

Petition for reinstatement from Academic Suspension

Once grades are posted at the end of each term students that are placed on Academic Suspension will receive an email (to your EOU email account), which includes the online appeal form.  Suspended students should contact their advisor to discuss their appeal and for assistance in preparing an academic plan.  Then complete the online appeal form  (link below) and submit your plan and any additional supporting materials by email to the Academic Standards Committee  Please note this process is for academic reinstatement not financial aid, see the Financial Aid forms page for appeal-reinstatement of financial aid


 Summer term:  Academic standing requirements are waived to register for summer courses for students on their first suspension.  If you are on academic suspension financial aid will not apply to your summer registration.


Academic Suspension Appeal Form for Fall 2014 – requires EOU email


Early Appeal – Deadline June 19th

The Early Appeal will enable a student to appeal their suspension within a week of grade notification after Spring term.  The student will need to have the appeals form completed by Thursday June 19th 5:00 pm, with scheduled meetings to be done via telephone or face-to-face on Friday June 20th.

Please note if you are denied reinstatement during this early appeal, you can request a hearing during the September meetings on Wednesday September 24th.

Deadlines for Academic Year 2014-2015

Term to be reinstated Deadline for appeal Interviews if needed
Fall 2014 Thursday September 18th Wednesday Sept. 24th
Winter 2015 Thursday January 1st Monday
January 5th
Spring 2015 Thursday March 26th Monday March 30th

Summer term:  Academic standing requirements are waived to register for summer courses.  If you are on academic suspension financial aid will not apply to your summer registration.

Student academic standing at the end of summer session can result in the following actions:

  • Students entering a summer session on Suspension will NOT be given a chance to appeal to the Academic Standards Committee (ASC) for Fall reinstatement if their overall Summer GPA is below a 2.000.
  • Students entering a summer session on Probation MUST petition the ASC for Fall reinstatement if their academic standing moves to Suspension as a result of summer coursework.
  • Students who improve their academic standing to Good Standing during a summer session will NOT be required to appeal to the ASC for Fall reinstatement.

Grievance Procedures can be found in the Student Handbook, or online on the Student Success and Engagement homepage.

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