Academic Standards Committee – ASC

Committee Members ’12 -’13
Ray Brown   (12/14) Chair – Faculty, College of Education
JoLyn Scott/Debby Love ** Administrative Assistant
Toni Crites  (13/15) Administrative Faculty
Jil Gibian (13/15) Faculty, College of Arts & Sciences
Teun Fetz  (12/14) Faculty, College of Arts & Sciences
Kari Day   (12/14) Faculty, College of Business
Colby Heideman (13/15) Faculty, College of Arts & Sciences
Heather Stanhope   (12/14) Administrative Faculty, College of Education
Jo Hickerson   (13/15) Classified Staff
Beth Eaton   (12/14) Classified Staff

For questions, email JoLyn Scott in the Registrar’s Office.