College Meetings

College of Arts & Sciences Meetings

The College of Arts and Sciences and its College Council will hold meetings for the 2013-2014 academic year.

2013-2014 Meeting Dates:

November 7 – CAS General Meeting (3:15 PM, Huber Auditorium)
January 15 – CAS General Meeting (3:15, Huber Auditorium)
February 06 – CAS General Meeting (3:15 PM Huber Auditorium)
March 13 – CAS General Meeting (3:15, Huber Auditorium)
April 3 – CAS General Meeting (3:15, Huber Auditorium)
May 22 – CAS General Meeting (3:15, Huber Auditorium)
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College Council Membership 2013-2014 (Deans and Discipline Chairs)

Steve Gammon,  Dean
Regina Braker,  Associate Dean
Peter Wordelman,  Associate Dean
Toni Crites,  Assistant to the Dean
Rosemary Powers:  Anthropology/Sociology, Environmental Studies, Native American Studies
Mike Sell:  Art
Joe Corsini:  Biology
Anna Cavinato:  Chemistry, Biochemistry
Richard Croft:  Computer Science
Jodi Varon:  English/Writing
Ryan Dearinger:  History
April Curtis:  Media Arts & Communication
John Thurber:  Mathematics
Matt Cooper:  Music
Peter Maille:  Public Admin, Philosophy, Political Science & Economics
Marie Balaban:  Psychology
Mike Heather:  Theatre

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