Tom Dimond

After a gratifying teaching career which lasted nearly 40 years, I am currently nearing the end of my 1st year of retirement. My hot glass studio in Cove, Oregon is operational with fusing, casting, and a complete “off hand” glass blowing shop. The freedom of retirement is rewarding in many ways. Being free of academic commitments and responsibilities, my motivation and creative direction flow easily into a deeper sense of self-awareness with intensified respect for simpler, more natural expressions of beauty. It is a joy to continue to reside in the Grande Ronde Valley and be creatively influenced by the many beauties of the “great round”. Inspiration for my work is present everywhere, especially in the view I am fortunate to have from my home and studio as well as wilderness exploration I may engage in more frequently now. I perform this research under the guise of hunting and fishing trips. Some of my most rewarding experiences come from the contact I maintain with former students who continue to share with me their expertise and passion for making art. This sharing magnifies the rewards of my life spent in personal artistic expression and a quest for aesthetic insights.

Judd Koehn

“I am a thing maker.

I make things.

Some people want to see them and some people call them art.

The rest is all bullshit.”

Kathelene Galloway