Doug Kaigler
(Sculpture, Expanded Arts)

Artist’s Statement

For years now, I’ve been drawn to rivers.

I walk along them,

stand in them,

draw them,

fall in and for them,

read and write about them,

sit by them,

have my picture taken with them,

trudge through them,

introduce them to friends,

talk to them,

float on them,

drink and eat from them,

listen to them,

gaze into them,

sleep by and dream of them.

I recognize that I’m inclined to do all those things because the river is teaching me something… something about myself, my connections to others and where I fit in the larger systems of life.

These two recent pieces are an attempt to bring some of the river back into my studio with an aim to make objects that allude to and perhaps extend that learning process.  They represent a conscious effort on my part to become more aware of the confluences within my life.


Artist’s Biography

Doug Kaigler has been a producing sculptor and teacher for over 35 years His work is driven by an ongoing intrigue with personal and cultural icons and their potential narrative interplay. His work has been exhibited throughout the United States and Japan.