AFEC Meeting
October 16, 2013

Present:                                                                       Absent:
Tanna Rasmussan                                                        Brenda McDonald
Terry Walters (google hangout)
Beth Upshaw
Ben Corley
Jessie Brett

- AFEC met with one of the accreditation representatives via a phone call on October 11,
2013.  All went well.

- AFEC would like to start getting an update from Faculty Senate, EPCC, Budget Finance, and
University Council then send out one email to all AF members with a brief update.

- Art Doherty (Director of Human Resources) met with AFEC to meet each new member of
AFEC and to discuss the Administrative Faculty Hand Book.
- We would like to meet with Art, at minimum, quarterly.
- Art said that the handbook was sent to Cindy Starke (Legal Counsel) and hopes to have
it back by end of October.
- Once Cindy has gone through the handbook Art will meet with Cindy, Tanna and Beth
to discuss it and try to finalize it.
- There will be a section added to the handbook that lays out how changes will be made
to the handbook.
- Once in place the handbook will only be changed such as any other campus
policy (route of change depends on content in proposed change).
- AFEC needs to play a heavy role in on the finalization of this section
- Approximately 8 position descriptions in the AF group need to be adjusted to fit
correctly into the two PD categories to better reflect the role of that employee.
- These PDs are currently in the clerical trade category and should be in the managerial
- These changes should not affect the pay of the current employee in those positions but
the two categories of PDs are scored differently

- Jessie put together a list of questions to send out to the regional AF members and will email
them to the list of regional AF members that Tanna put together.
- What role do you see AFEC playing as a whole?
- Would you participate in a virtual coffee break?
- How can AFEC communicate better with off campus AF members?
- Do you have any comments/suggestions for AFEC?
- Are there any topics that you would like AFEC to work on throughout the upcoming

- When Stephen Jenkins left EOU he was on the budget and planning committee.  Jeff Carman
who was on the committee has been moved to an AF classification and will remain on the
committee and represent AF.

- AFEC would like to start an Administrative Faculty welcoming committee
- will discuss details of this at next month’s meeting.
- Everyone should bring ideas of how to welcome new AF members to the group

- Terry and Brenda updated the website list of committee members
- Website will continue to be updated

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